Game Changer Token

We change your mobile experience!

How you perceive apps and use them instinctively or play mobile games and be entertained with them will change.


You will wish it had always been this way.
Here is the cross-app mobile revolution we’ve all been waiting for!


Here is the game changer token.

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be a game Changer

1. In App Currency

We have developed an API interface to make in-app currencies transferable, payable and finally valuable.

With the game changer token, in-app currencies can finally be used universally. This opens up new sources of income in the mobile world for users and developers. In addition, this new currency is now globally uniform and can wipe away any existing borders in games & e-sports.

Faster, more efficient & more versatile than any existing in-app currency

2. game changer store

The mobile marketplace that is based on blockchain technology for users and developers alike.


The app store that currently exist take up to 30% fees for the provision on mobile devices.

We are creating a new infrastructure between community and developers.

With this marketplace we ensure that development teams have to pay less fees and can work together globally regardless of currency.

2. game changer store

The mobile marketplace that is based on blockchain technology for users and developers alike.


The app stores that currently exist take up to 30% fees for the provision on mobile devices.

We are creating a new infrastructure between community and developers.

With this marketplace we ensure that development teams have to pay less fees and can work together globally regardless of currency.

3. social media platform

We are developing the first blockchain-based social network with an integrated token for influencers and advertisers.

Most social media platforms have driven people apart. We are bringing them back together with our new generation social media platform.

The first social media platform in which a token will be integrated and NFTs will be brought to life.

How can i buy token?

We use the most secure standard for your account and, on the other hand, make it easy for you to register.

Watch the video below if you need help to register, kyc or purchasing your token.

Register to create your Account

Step 1: Click here on the “Register now” button and create your own account.

This account is exclusively for you and must not be created on behalf of third parties.

KYC & Wallet

Step 2: You have now created your account and should simply complete the KYC process directly. With this process we make sure that nobody creates fake accounts.

When you finished this step, we will verify you.


At the same time, you can now connect your own wallet so that your tokens come to you safely.


Purchasing token

Step 3: If you have completed step 1 an 2, you can buy tokens completely free as long as stocks last.

Our recommendation is to use the bonus phases so that you can get the maximum benefit from them.


If you have any questions about the purchase, please feel free to contact us.

KYC & Wallet

Step 2: You have now created your account and should simply complete the KYC process directly. With this process we make sure that nobody creates fake accounts.

When you finished this step, we will verify you.


At the same time, you can now connect your own wallet so that your tokens come to you safely.


Our Vision for GCT

The Game changer Token


The GC token is an ERC20 token that is used as a standard. We then implement this in the Etherum blockchain.


The Ethereum network is the most important blockchain network next to Bitcoin and the ERC20 standard is the most commonly used format for developing projects that build tokens
The functions of ERC20 result in a fully functional smart contract that issues a token and constantly monitors its supply and circulation
ERC20 tokens can be thought of as tokens that give the owner access to participate in a digital ecosystem


The Game Changer Token is implemented to improve the mobile world and the future social media experience in the long term and to bring the innovation that the community wants.



BaFin - Supervisory authority

Checked by BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in germany):

Allowed the release of token and business activity

Law firm Winnheller

Dr. Anette Wagemann (specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law)

Equipped with an expert opinion from the most renowned law firm in Germany in matters of cryptocurrencies & tokens and considered legally secure.

Checked and tested

Checked by several economic authorities and tested by sponsors. Our technologies work flawlessly and are GDPR compliant and safe for end users.

What is the GC token for

What can I do with the token?


So we use an important and secure standard to revolutionize the mobile world around useful apps and gaming apps by ensuring that you can use in-app currencies app across the board.

You also have the option of using all of our product platforms and technologies if you use your tokens for this. In the future, you can exchange your tokens for other services or with other app users on our game changer platform.

Highest security
Easy payment
Win token
One API for all Apps
No expiration date


Price & Phase

Main Sale Start :

01 August 2021

Price of the GCT in the current phase:

€ 0,10 per Token

Total token volume:


Main Sale End :

30 November 2021

End Price - Go to Exchange

€ 1,00 per Token

Bonus in this phase:

100% Bonustoken

Current phase & when it ends

main sale








How do we invest?

Marketing (30%)

Technology (20%)

Development (20%)

Employees & team (20%)

Reserve (10%)

How is the token distribution?

Privat-Sale / Private Investoren (10%)

Pre-Sale (20%)

Main Sale (30%)

Founder & Team (20%)

In-Game (20%)


Game changer GmbH shedule

If you have any questions to our road map, feel free to contact us.

Please use the contact form down on this website.


ICO - Phases

We are starting our revolutionary journey with an Initial Coin Offering and with a soft cap of € 5 million we will create and manufacture many changes, improvements and lots of entertainment.
More Info

2021 April 01


App development

We will develop numerous apps before the game changer platform (GcP) is launched. You can request the exact app plan using the contact form. These apps include games as well as useful apps for all consumers.
More Info

Ab 2021 April 15


Pre-Launch Game changer platform

In the pre-launch phase of the platform, the first 10,000 users of the token get access. We get feedback and see if everything runs smoothly. This process will take a good 3 months so that we can launch the GC platform on time, without delay and free of major errors.

2021 Dezember 01


Launch of GC platform & expansion worldwide

The launch of the much-anticipated game changer platform has come and we are celebrating this with a larger event. At this event we explain all the features and officially talk about the next generation for the first time. We not only present apps and games, but also our social media platform.
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2022 März 01


Next generation social media platform

Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Telegram, Clubhouse, Twitch, Youtube & Co changed the lives and coexistence of every individual in the world. Created social media.

We take social media to the next level & change the perception of content. Be curious it will be revolutionary.
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2022 November 01

Our Core-Team

Experts as far as the eye can see!

We are proud that we have managed to form such professional and influential experts into a strong team. Everyone is a game changer. All together are changing the industry!

Game Changer Founders

Sonia Sat

Sonia Sat

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Sven Joha

Sven Joha

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Marcos Sancho<br> BSc, BSc (FH)

Marcos Sancho
BSc, BSc (FH)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Stefan Tischer

Stefan Tischer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions and their answers. If your question is not there, please use our contact form. We will reply within 24 hours. You are also welcome to call. However, there may be increased waiting times due to the high demand.

What is a token?

Utility Token = usage token or usage token

A type of token that is sold and issued at ICOs. With the utility token, the investor acquires the right to a specific benefit or a specific benefit.

Utility tokens are often compared to a type of membership or a loyalty program. The buyer (investor) may use certain services that the provider of the ICO makes available.


Security token

are token-based assets and are clearly advertised as such. Regulatory authorities therefore treat them like traditional securities. For example, companies are obliged to prepare a so-called securities prospectus. Before they can issue security tokens, the supervisory authorities must agree to this. The issuance of security tokens is then called Security Token Offerings or STO.

What is a blockchain?

Imagine you (a “node”) have a file with transactions on your computer (a “ledger”). Two government accountants (let’s call them “miners”) have the same file on their computer (so it is “distributed”). When you complete a transaction, your computer sends an email to both accountants to let them know.

Every accountant rushes to be the first to verify that you can afford it (and to get your salary paid in “bitcoins”). The first person who has checked and confirmed clicks on “ANSWER TO ALL” and adds his considerations for the verification of the transaction (“Proof of Work”). If the other accountant agrees, each will update their file …

This concept is made possible by the “blockchain” technology.

What are the advantages of a blockchain?

Advantage 1: More data protection, security and transparency

Due to the basic function of the blockchain, all data is stored in encrypted form and is available more securely than with conventional technologies. Since all actions are stored in the blockchain, you can see exactly when and which actions were carried out. The individual blocks build on each other, so that manipulation is much more difficult than before. The general operation by users is easier, so that users can use the technology quickly as soon as there are enough areas of application.

Advantage 2: No central structure necessary

An important foundation of the blockchain is that there is no central server on which all data is stored, but that all members of the blockchain store all data. This increases security and increases the dependency on a central server. The blockchain network protects itself through its members.

Advantage 3: Many areas of application for companies and authorities

The first two advantages result in many areas of application for companies and authorities. As soon as data has to be passed on, for example in medicine, logistics or finance, the blockchain can help to transfer data quickly and securely. This also makes authentications more plausible, so that the first countries are also planning to create an ID based on the blockchain. This enables a secure ID to be provided quickly. The blockchain also makes sense in logistics, as smart contracts keep the flow of goods completely under control. There is an almost inexhaustible list of areas of application for the decentralized, fast, secure, transparent and traceable transfer of data in companies.

Advantage 4: faster speed and better traceability

The blockchain makes it possible to increase the speed with which processes in the company can be carried out. At the same time, the individual data can be tracked more easily if the data is stored transparently in the blockchain. This results in advantages, especially in logistics, because the individual data can be traced at any time. The blockchain helps to carry out a data flow and also to manage it. Hardly any other technology currently offers this, especially not via decentralized data storage.

Advantage 5: reduced costs

Of course, companies and authorities also hope to reduce costs by using the blockchain. Since there is no need for a dedicated server and the data can be passed on within the blockchain faster and more easily than before, significant cost savings can be made. Security is also cheaper, as the data is encrypted and the blockchain can protect itself through its logical structure. Processes in the company become faster and are therefore more effective.

Why should I buy GC tokens?

We are a fully fledged GmbH with a registered office in Germany. We only work with experts in their field to provide you with the greatest possible benefit that a token has ever had.

The token we have developed gives you access to an incredibly fast growing market. The gaming industry took in more than € 130 billion last year alone and is currently one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

This means that you can benefit from this market even without any knowledge of programming or as a publisher of apps and mobile games.

And that’s not all. As the owner of the GC token, you receive exclusive access to our platforms. These include the future game changer platform and our next generation social media platform.

With these two platforms, you get early bird access, so to speak, and are at the forefront when something groundbreaking happens again that will shape the future.

You can also use the tokens to exchange them with other users for services or something similar. You can also use the GCT in our apps or our partner companies to get the benefits of in-app purchases.


Download GC-Whitepaper

If you would like more information about the mobile market and the game changer token, you can download our whitepaper here. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the gaming industry and the mobile app industry.


You can also read about our vision and our plans and get a better picture of our business model. We’re not over-promising when we say we’re going to make a positive difference to every user’s mobile experience.

True to the motto: “People who want to move mountains start with small stones.”


Press & media

Here you can read everything that the public has reported about us. We also link interviews and videos about the company, the token and the projects.


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